PROJECT: RESTORE FIBI exists to serve and support families who have a loved one behind bars. We are FAMILY-FOCUSED. This means that our approach supports a family impacted by incarceration, holistically, in addition to providing one-on-one focused support systems for each family member. We:

  • – Use a family-first model to restore the integrity (values, strength, and stability) of the family unit
  • – Restore families to restore communities
  • – Seek to broaden personal scopes of responsibility while providing a network of support and accountability for the family (collectively) and for each family member (individually)
  • – Teach families how to develop healthy habits, reinforce appropriate boundaries, and leverage daily practical tools and resources that encourage consistent, responsible choices, actions, and lifestyles

Our services provide support through all stages of the correctional process: from arrest through the judicial process and  incarceration to re-entry and reintegration.

  VISION:  Seeing families strengthened, affirmed and included, AGAINST ALL ODDS, for stronger communities and brighter futures

Our work facilitates the restoration of families impacted by incarceration through transformative services, advocacy, reform & the inherent power of family.

  MISSION:  Keeping families intact and thriving

Project: Restore FIBI exists to mitigate the negative effects of incarceration using a ‘family focused, family first’ approach.  The goal is to restore the integrity of the family unit and effectively impede the cyclical and generational impact of incarceration.


  • To support the development of GREAT families who become key members who invest in the creation, promotion and strengthening of GREAT communities
  • To introduce a new NARRATIVE to children impacted by parental or familial incarceration that infuses their lives with hope, new perspectives, gateways to opportunities, and positive community supports
  • To bring the face of HUMANITY back to the Justice System to facilitate reformation, compassion, support, and restoration within the system for families impacted by incarceration


We believe in the undeniable power of family and know that a family-focused approach results in effective and lasting change. Not only that, we strongly believe that everyone has purpose and the potential for greatness within. So, their own – or a family member’s – mistakes should never be the deciding, or denying, factor for what they can aspire to and achieve.

Stability that sets the stage to rebuild a strong foundation to keep families impacted by incarceration INTACT and THRIVING is our goal. Making a lasting impact in our communities, beginning in the home, is our firm and uncompromising commitment! Helping families and children overcome their obstacles, through unconditional support and opportunity, is our driving force. We are motivated to see all families impacted by incarceration restored, flourishing, and fulfilling their fullest potential.

If there is anything worth fighting for…IT IS ALWAYS FAMILY…because strong families are the foundation of our communities! 


Dr. Olga Marques, PhD Criminology, Assistant Professor – University of Ontario Institute of Technology (Board President & Chairman)

Tristin Burns, President & Founder – WWAV (Women With A Vision)

Jacqueline Henry, Accountant (Board Treasurer)

Nadia Parker, BA (Hons) Criminology & Justice (Board Secretary)



Kevin Baker, Founder – Ride for Inclusion, Dean of Interdisciplinary Studies & Employment Services – Durham College