The Story Behind Project: Restore FIBI

Strong families build strong communities; but we can take for granted, or simply underestimate, what is required to REBUILD a STRONG FOUNDATION for a family that has been rocked by crime, violence and incarceration. Yet the power of family is (positively or negatively) INHERENT , UNDENIABLE and FOUNDATIONAL to us all. Family establishes our roots, it etches our identity, it whispers our heritage, it influences our legacy and plays continually as background music on our stages of life.

Incarceration is a deep and complex issue; and it can be hard to truly grasp if not personally experienced. In 2004, Aisha, the founder of Project: Restore FIBI, and her family were a family deeply impacted by incarceration. In her own words, “My children and I had not committed any crimes ourselves, yet our lives were irreversibly turned upside down. We were physically, emotionally, socially and psychologically thrust into the very cruel world of “justice” which unapologetically served up chaos, judgement, limited support, financial hardship and shame. The sudden, unexpected, very public arrest of our loved one made us the sudden, unexpected HIDDEN victims of crime.”

This is a common thread for families with an incarcerated loved one: THEY ARE HIDDEN. It is often self-imposed as a necessary measure of privacy and protection; however, it is also caused by a lack of compassion, empathy and knowledge. Many are not interested in who families impacted by incarceration REALLY are and what they are ACTUALLY going through. From family to friends to strangers, no one knows the true impact, the DAY-TO-DAY lived experiences and the adverse effects, that incarceration has on a family…nor do they know how critical the decision to keep a family together is. 

Project: Restore FIBI is movement! We are compelled to uproot and tackle the issue of incarceration head on.  We believe Project: Restore FIBI is the RIGHT, REDEMPTIVE, and RESTORATIVE, solution.

Today, Aisha’s family is intact and thriving. Through Aisha’s leadership, Project: Restore FIBI draws upon REAL LIFE EXPERIENCES – KEY PRINCIPALS –  & PRACTICAL TOOLS to SERVE, SUPPORT, ADVOCATE for, TRANSFORM & RESTORE Families Impacted By Incarceration (FIBI).

Aisha Francis, Founder & Executive Director

Aisha Francis is the founder and Executive Director of Project: Restore FIBI (Families Impacted By Incarceration). Her work is her passion as she endeavours to raise awareness, support and understanding of how families are not only impacted by incarceration but can be holistically restored and strengthened through community engagement, public policy and scholarship. Aisha is a business woman turned social justice advocate.

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