Many programs exist to rehabilitate the incarcerated. Seldom does the conversation, or the support provided, address the SIGNIFICANCE of family in the well being of the incarcerated, or as importantly the SIGNIFICANCE of the incarcerated in the well being of the family. Research shows that family focused intervention programs significantly reduce delinquency, particularly programs that teach basic parenting & family relationship skills. The power of family is INHERENT & UNDENIABLE.  A unified and stable family foundation is a vital contributor to the success of every member of the family.

Our services are personalized for families, through the development, management and facilitation of Integrated Family Care Plans. These plans offer a holistic approach that effectively support the goals and restoration of a family yet include critical individual support, effective resources, programs, counseling, mentorship and events for every family member.

Our plans may include a combination of in-house and outsourced delivery models as we actively partner with other diverse and collaborative organizations to provide a comprehensive community support system.

Our three main pillars are:

  • CHAMPS – Creating Hope And Mission Possible Scenarios
  • FAMILY BRIDGE – Family Built Relationships – Intimate, Dedicated, Growing, Example-Led
  • STEPPER – Strategies to Enable Purpose Progression Excellence & Reintegration

CHAMPS and FAMILY BRIDGE are ongoing family care plans that provide support from arrest to reintegration.  The programs within these pillars specifically address the psychosocial issues and challenges that arise from dealing with the incarceration of a loved one.  We lead the family through a process of restoration using key strategies and principles around communication, accountability, responsibility and reconciliation.

Some of our programs are:

  • Weekly Bread Program
  • ORCHIDS (Outstanding, Real & Courageous Heroes Intentionally Defining Success)
  • FamilyBUILT Homes
  • FamilyBRIDGE (Family Built Relationships – Intimate, Dedicated, Growing, Example-Led)
  • S.T.E.P.P.E.R

The STEPPER program is an intense program for the ex-offender that kicks off with a 3 ½ day workshop.  We partner with key stakeholders to deliver this program effectively.  We want to see all those who have been incarcerated leave their prisons behind for good.  When they come out we help them towards successful re-entry and reintegration.

A host of quarterly and annual events are always up and coming.  This is our effort to connect families impacted by incarceration with each other and their community to build a strong system of support, hope and engagement.




Project: Restore FIBI believes in and promotes family based justice models and intervention through advocacy, policy review and reform (or as we like to call it “transform”).  We work tirelessly to cast incarceration into a present and glaring spotlight in order to broaden the conversation to include its impact on families, communities and society as a whole.  As we bring incarceration to the forefront, positively partner with others who share our passion, purpose and interests and work to champion great change we believe we can facilitate a positive shift to the landscape of incarceration; making it one that looks a lot more like a holistic win-win solution for families and all of the key stakeholders.




While incarceration is a subject often debated, its impact on families in our communities is not a subject that is as often considered, acknowledged or openly addressed. Project: Restore FIBI endeavours to change that through education.

We provide educational tools and presentations that will open up access to information and knowledge for anyone from educators to employers to clergy and government.  Awareness is important but more important is being equipped with the keys of understanding, communication and support that will inevitably help the families impacted.

Aisha Francis, our Executive Director, is available to deliver keynote presentations or interactive workshops for groups of all sizes.  We can tailor our speaker topics or workshop themes to meet the need or your events, conferences, forums, meetings, school assemblies and/or community events.




Making the world a better place is a daunting task and yet most would agree that it is a common dream. We all have our purposed contribution in attainment of that goal.  Project: Restore FIBI is a local initiative with its sights to expand nationally and then internationally.  There will be, and we should always be actively seeking after, strategic relationships and opportunities to not only expand our physical presence across Canada (and the world) but to also share our theories, practices and models with others.





TELEPHONE: (647) 960-FIBI (3424)